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International Youth Day 2022

What is International Youth Day? International Youth Day is a day that has been organised and promoted by the UN every year, since 2000. The day aims to bring awareness to cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. This year’s theme … Read More

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Project EV Compliance Announcement

As of the 30th June 2022, all EV charge points in the UK must meet the requirements of The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021. The regulations apply to occupiers of domestic premises and their visitors, and people at … Read More

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Project EV Fully Charged Live 2022

Fully Charged Live was amazing this year and we’re so grateful if you came and said hello to us! We had so much fun meeting you all and speaking all about Project EV for the whole weekend. We managed to … Read More

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Project EV Take on Fully Charged – Behind the Scenes

How did Project EV Prepare for the #FullyChargedLive 2022 Show? At Project EV we were so excited for this year’s Fully Charged event in Farnborough, and we wanted to make sure that our exhibition reflected our EV charging range – … Read More

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Earth Day 2022

What is Earth Day? Earth Day occurs on the 22nd April every year as a day to celebrate the birth of the modern environmental movement back in 1970. The event has gained a vast amount of traction in recent years, … Read More

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Edge Hill Juniors FC, Proudly Sponsored By Project EV

Project EV are proud sponsors of Edge Hill Juniors FC Congratulations on a fantastic game this weekend, winning 7-2 against their opposition. Keep up the great work lads ⚽⚡

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In-Person Project EV Training is Back!

Our monthly Project EV training sessions are back up and running at our Burton-upon-Trent head office in Staffordshire, giving eager electricians all the hands-on experience and training they will need to work with Project EV equipment. The sessions will be … Read More

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Are Electric Cars Reliable?

Are electric cars reliable? That’s one of the first questions most people ask themselves when looking to move from owning a traditional petrol or diesel car to a greener EV model. Like any type of car, the answer to this … Read More

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How Often Do You Need an Electric Car Battery Replacement?

It shouldn’t be, but range anxiety is still extremely common with potential electric car owners. Another common concern is the length of time an electric car battery will last. In this post, we look at how often you need an … Read More

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Electric Cars Depreciation vs Hybrid, Diesel & Petrol

According to reports, most cars depreciate between 15% and 35% within the first year since purchase. After three years, the average car will lose around 60% of its value, based on a mileage of 10,000 miles per annum, says the … Read More

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UK Ban on Diesel & Petrol Car Sales Officially Moved Forward

As the government is officially moving forward with the diesel and petrol car ban, we’re on hand with everything you need to know about the plan. 2020 was a defining year of climate action for the planet, the government brought … Read More

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How To Increase Your Electric Car Mileage

For many people considering an electric car, one of the biggest concerns is mileage. The same goes for those who already own one. In our latest blog post, we’re talking about all things electric car mileage as we share our … Read More

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Are Electric Cars Better For The Environment?

In recent years, the need to shift towards more environmentally friendly options for our modes of transport has become extremely important. Climate change and the impact of petrol and diesel cars contributing to greenhouse gas emissions has seen a move … Read More

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How to charge an Electric Car

Changing our habits to reduce the effects of climate change has never been more important. The UK has promised to commit to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2025, and to net emissions by 2050, meaning we all have a … Read More

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How long does it take for an electric car to charge?

For many prospective electric car owners, the question, “how long does it take for an electric car to charge?” is a hot topic. With the advancements in EV technology and the introduction of many electric and hybrid vehicles into the … Read More

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How to calculate your EV charging costs

Making the switch to owning an electric vehicle is easier than ever before, with reasonably priced car manufacturers committing to producing affordable electric cars in 2021 and beyond. However, the idea of switching from petrol or diesel to electric charging … Read More

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How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

Owning an electric car has increased in popularity over the last decade, and in particular the last three years have seen a sharp increase in EV ownership. With the government’s commitment to banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles … Read More

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EV fast charging: All you need to know

In previous years, electric vehicles have faced some issues from critics due to their limited range and lack of charging points. Thankfully, electric car ranges are extending with every new release and rapidly advancing battery technology. But what about charging, … Read More

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OLEV funding: can I get a grant for my EV charger?

So, you’ve decided to invest in a home EV charging station. It’s a wise decision and one that will open up convenience and cost-savings you never realised were possible. And running an EV is better for Planet Earth, too. So … Read More

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Should I get a home charging station for my electric vehicle (EV)?

New statistics show that more than 10% of cars registered in the UK market are now electric vehicles. This stat includes BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), so whatever type of EV … Read More

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Five tips to extend electric vehicle (EV) range

There are lots of things to love about electric vehicle ownership. Driving an EV is the cleanest, greenest way for motorists to get around – it’s kinder on the planet as well as on your pocket (especially if you have … Read More

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Home EV charging: how it will become the norm

Increasing numbers of people are getting electric vehicle charging points installed at home. New legislation from the UK government means that could become the norm. If you’re already an EV driver, you have probably noticed an uplift in the number … Read More

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Does it matter what brand of EV charger you choose?

If you’re among the many people currently considering making an investment in a home EV charging point, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “does it matter what make of charger I buy?” The simple answer, barring a few exceptions, is … Read More

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News round-up: green plates, tax boosts and EV value

To say this has been the year of the EV is an understatement. Every month it seems like new stories come along about the growth of the sector. This time around, we find that a lack of awareness around government … Read More

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Where do you charge your electric vehicle?

Tired of hunting for EV public charging points? A home EV charger could be the answer If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “where can I charge my electric vehicle?”, chances are you’re among the many drivers who rely on the … Read More

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Electric vehicle news roundup – Part 2

It’s been a busy few weeks in the EV market, with a new superstar reveal for Mercedes, skyrocketing interest in EV ownership, and the never-ending drag of trying to find a convenient public charge point (clue: there aren’t any). It’s … Read More

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Why range is all the rage for EV makers

To suggest traditional carmakers were caught napping by the rise of Tesla would be both an understatement and a misrepresentation. But many are now scrabbling to innovate after the dawning realisation that electric vehicles are the future. Rewind to the … Read More

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How much can I save by charging my car at home?

Today, people are more conscious than ever about how their lifestyle choices affect the planet – and their pocket. One of the most popular courses of action has been for people to explore more energy-efficient ways of living, both at … Read More

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Electric vehicle news roundup

Super-reliable hybrids, a lack of public charging stations and the long-awaited arrival of the Volkswagen ID.3: it’s all here in the latest EV news roundup. Volkswagen ID.3 review: is their first EV any good? For a while now, Volkswagen have … Read More

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Could an EV charging station add value to your home?

It’s been a year since the UK government became the first in the world to pass legislation that could see it become law for every new home built to include a charging point for electric vehicles. And with electric car … Read More

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