Should I get a home charging station for my electric vehicle (EV)?

New statistics show that more than 10% of cars registered in the UK market are now electric vehicles. This stat includes BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), so whatever type of EV you’re driving, you’re part of a significant – and growing – segment of forward-thinking motorists.

While the number of public car charging stations in the UK reached a record 29,000 in 2019, one of the main concerns among EV drivers – at least those driving plug-in models – is convenient access to chargers.

The relatively small size of the UK’s network, combined with the demand it faces (for every public EV charger in the UK, there are 18 cars battling to use it), makes getting access to public charging one of the few drawbacks to EV ownership.

It’s also one of the main things that put people off switching to EVs in the first place.

Should I get a home EV charger?

The short answer is, of course, yes. The gains made in convenience alone will make the investment feel worthwhile in no time at all. Being able to safely and easily set your car to charge just outside your property is a perk many EV owners wish for.

Why? Possibly because of new findings that show 90%+ of EV drivers who rely on public chargers live more than a five-minute walk from their nearest one, something the government currently deems “unreasonable”. Even more so in the wind and rain, if you ask us.

So a home EV charger puts convenience on your doorstep – literally. But did you know that installing a home EV charging station can have other benefits too?

One of the best of these is that having an EV charger actually adds value to your property, in much the same way as a driveway or garage does, but with the added benefit of it being enhanced with the technology of the future. This makes your house more attractive to buyers, and some estimates suggest you can add up to 11% to the sale value of your house.

Then there are all the efficiency and cost benefits that come with having state of the art tech right outside your door (plus the ability to monitor everything via app from the warmth of indoors), saving the pounds in your pocket as well as the environment.

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