Project EV Take on Fully Charged – Behind the Scenes

How did Project EV Prepare for the #FullyChargedLive 2022 Show?

At Project EV we were so excited for this year’s Fully Charged event in Farnborough, and we wanted to make sure that our exhibition reflected our EV charging range – the very best in the game. The first job was to design our actual stand. It wasn’t easy to showcase our chargers in such a sleek and effortless way at such a large scale, but of course with the hard work of team at Project EV we were able to pull this off.

After the initial design and ideas for our stand were finalised, it was time to get our stand printed and all of our other props purchased, including our incredible racing simulator, three TVs, race suits, brochures (that we also designed), branded medals, tables and chairs. Now we had a clear vision of what the Project EV stand would look like, we just needed to bring our ambitions to life. It feels like we have quite literally poured our heart and souls into creating the best possible stand for this show; we woke up at 3am to film our footage and then spent sleepless nights editing it. Despite the exceptionally hard work that the whole team has put into the show we have loved every single second. We’re so proud of one another and we couldn’t have hoped for a better response at the show, so if you came and said hello, thank you! You can view more of Project EV at the Fully Charged Live event over on our socials – just follow the links at the bottom of this page.

This is just the beginning for Project EV. Being part of such an amazing show has well and truly ignited our ambitions for the future. Get in touch today, we’re more than happy to help!

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