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Join us as we take you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey, showcasing our involvement in charging the EV Rally 2023 and the electrifying Goodwood Festival of Speed!

We also delve into the numerous benefits of our Pro Earth range of EV chargers, designed with both the installer and the EV driver in mind.

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Project EV chargers at the EV Rally - they recharged the fleet.


Firstly, we’re thrilled to share that Project EV was a proud participant in the EV Rally 2023! This groundbreaking event showcased the potential of electric vehicles in fleets, highlighting improved efficiency, cost savings, and their contribution to carbon net-zero emissions. The rally covered 1200+ miles across the UK and Ireland, emphasizing the importance of charging infrastructure for long-distance EV travel.

At the end of day one, the fleet made their way to Nottingham City Council. There, they recharged their batteries using the Project EV chargers installed on-site! The fleet then set off again from Nottingham the next day, fully charged for the day ahead!

This was an extremely exciting project and one we were very proud to be a part of! It demonstrated the roles that EVs could play in UK and Irish fleets. No matter what the job, there was likely an EV available that could perform the task. This was all while also improving efficiency, saving money, and, overall, helping reach net zero.

If you’d like to read more, you can do so here.

July's Monthly Recharge feature is our range of Pro Earth EV chargers.



Project EV’s range of AC chargers are Pro Earth, but what does this mean?

When a charger is installed, it needs to be installed with the latest local wiring regulations, as current in the UK. This requires the addition of an earth spike, or the installation of a PEN-fault detection device, in order to divert the fault current.

However, our range of Pro Earth chargers come with a built-in PEN-fault detection device as standard. The process of detecting a loss of the PEN conductor occurs internally.

So, why is this beneficial for you? If you’re an installer, it makes the process a whole lot quicker and easier and most importantly, safer.

Pro Earth chargers require no extra earth spike, meaning there is no need to hammer a copper rod directly into the ground, without complete confirmation of precisely what is below and where it is!

And if you’re a customer looking to buy an EV charger, our Pro Earth range is more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. This is because they require no costly groundwork or hidden costs in additional protection measures. We give you everything you need as standard within the charger!

Project EV's Pro Earth chargers. They require no addition of an earth spike.

If you’re interested in a Pro Earth charger, we have options from 7.3kw all the way to 22kw, single or dual outlets and wall or floor-mounted units. All of these are compatible with a variety of control types – such as the Project EV App, Project EV Pro App and RFID control.

If you’d like to explore our range of Pro Earth chargers, head over to our website.

Project EV had the mission to recharge the EVs at the Festival of Speed!


Finally, project EV visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed and we had a fantastic time. The festival stands as motorsport’s ultimate summer garden party, a jubilant celebration of the world’s most glamorous sport.

This year, attendees had an extraordinary opportunity to be closer than ever to the heart of the action.

The event showcases the finest cars and bikes in motorsport, but what truly ignited our excitement was the impressive lineup of electric vehicles on display!

Our crucial role was to ensure some of the EVs remained fully charged throughout the event.

We want to say thank you to Media Electrics for installing the missive 150kW Project EV charger at the event! This EV charger is capable of charging EVs in minutes!

Witnessing the increasing prominence of electric vehicles in gatherings like this is particularly inspiring. It reinforces the profound impact they are making in the world of transportation, and we are delighted to be part of this electrifying revolution!

Project EV had the responsibility to recharge the EVs at the Festival of Speed!

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