Home EV charging: how it will become the norm

Increasing numbers of people are getting electric vehicle charging points installed at home. New legislation from the UK government means that could become the norm.

If you’re already an EV driver, you have probably noticed an uplift in the number of your peers who have got their own home EV charging point. Their popularity has rocketed over the past couple of years, as the public charging network struggles to keep up with demand, and households look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

So far, getting electric vehicle charging points installed at home has been the preserve of the forward-thinking, the energy conscious, and the tech lovers. It’s fair to say that people with home EV chargers are ahead of the curve. And if you’re here researching your first car charger for the driveway, that must mean you’re in that group of people.

As ever, where innovators lead, everyone else eventually follows. Having noticed the huge benefits of home EV charging, the UK government has announced proposals that could see charge points becoming the norm outside homes across the country. The moves, designed to “support and encourage the growing uptake of electric vehicles within the UK,’ were announced by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, who outlined the main points:

  • all new-build homes could be fitted with an electric car charge point, as record levels of ultra-low emission vehicles hit UK roads
  • England is set to be first country to introduce mandatory charge points in new homes, cementing its position as a global leader in the race to net zero emissions
  • the government is also consulting on ‘smart’ charging, to help allow consumers save money by charging EVs off-peak

The motivation behind the proposals is the government’s commitment to ensuring that “all new homes with a dedicated car parking space are built with an electric charge point, making charging easier, cheaper, and more convenient for drivers,” according to a statement.

You don’t have to wait to get ahead of the curve – funding is already available from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for the cost of getting a home EV charger installed. The benefits are many and include reducing your carbon footprint, cutting the cost of the commute, and adding value to your home. Smart customers are making the switch before government guidance becomes mandatory, ensuring they get the best deals.

Be an innovator and make the switch to revolutionary technology that will help the environment and reduce your motoring costs. All of our models come with app monitoring and analytics, so you can review and optimise charging performance. Get expert advice and find out how to apply for your government funding grant – get in touch with us today.

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