Earth Day 2022

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day occurs on the 22nd April every year as a day to celebrate the birth of the modern environmental movement back in 1970. The event has gained a vast amount of traction in recent years, since it’s now quite literally as easy as pressing a few buttons on a mouse and keyboard to share your immediate thoughts with the world. So, when Earth Day rolls around every year many of us are easily able to celebrate and share our unity with the movement by posting images of the Earth to our Instagram Stories and Twitter Threads with the relevant hashtags and stories.

Now, the day is marked by more than a billion people every year, which of course is a beautiful thing in bringing awareness to such important topics on climate change, sustainability and renewable energy. It’s vital that civilisations across the globe realise and reflect upon the environmental crisis that the Earth is currently being put through, but what happens on the 23rd April, when it is no longer Earth Day? Do we all just go back to our everyday lives, treating ourselves to new clothes from fast-fashion brands or maybe even splurging out and buying a brand-new, shiny, petrol car?

It’s so important that we recognise our own abilities to conquer any and all environmental issues, though it’s even more important that brands around the world offer solutions to sustainability – if companies are not offering effective methods to counteract climate change, then how are individuals supposed to make conscious decisions to better the planet? At Project EV we’ve never been more determined to assure our new, and old, customers that we’re a company whose fundamental values are in line with creating a sustainable future. When the 23rd April comes around we still have the same beliefs that we did the day before, on Earth Day, and the same beliefs as we did five years ago, when Project EV was born. We’re on a mission of sustainability, at the forefront of driving the UK’s road to net zero.

Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day 2022 is centred around the theme: Invest in Our Earth. Last year’s theme focussed on natural processes and innovative thinking that was known as ‘Restore Our Earth’. In the midst of a pandemic, it highlighted the importance of a healthy Earth to support our basic needs as human beings. However, this year’s theme seems more direct in addressing the real causes of the environmental crisis, by targeting the conglomerates in our society and demanding that they must make vital environmental changes.

At Project EV, we absolutely believe that a sustainable future can only be achieved when we start working together. We encourage all to join us in responding to issues of climate change; we need to be active in our approaches to tackling the environmental issues that are threatening our Earth. Project EV’s fundamental values align with this year’s theme of investing in our planet. Our whole brand is involved with the electric vehicle charging market, a market that aims to severely reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. At Project EV we have always had the environment at the forefront of our minds, where our ambition has always been to provide the very best electric vehicle chargers, in the hope that this will accelerate the pace at which petrol and diesel cars are being replaced by electric vehicles, therefore reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. We have always believed in striving towards a more sustainable and decarbonised future, and we hope that this year’s Earth Day will only drive us further with these ambitions by encouraging individuals and fellow businesses to join us on this journey.

How Can You Help?

At Project EV we strongly believe that in order to achieve our collective goal of creating a true sustainable future, we must all work together and each do our own part in helping to save our Earth. This year’s Earth Day may be pushing for our governments to incentivise greener practises in businesses and institutions, though we all must continue to conquer these issues. When we all individually fight for a cause we become a collective and we are listened to. So, how can we do our bit to help strive for a sustainable future?

  • Conserve energy in the home e.g., by turning off lights and electronics when they’re not in use
  • Reduce paper waste e.g., by switching to electronic bills
  • Recycle your electronics
  • Turn off the tap, e.g., when you’re washing up
  • Use incandescent bulbs
  • Use reusable bags and water bottles
  • Shop locally
  • Use your petrol/diesel car less, or of course make the switch to electric

At Project EV we’re welcoming all to join us on our journey to a greener, cleaner future. We understand the importance of teamwork when it comes to tackling climate change and we’re confident that we can all share our wisdom and advice with one another to accelerate this revolution towards a sustainable future.

If you’ve only just discovered us and it’s no longer the 22nd April then do not worry! We have the same goals all year round! Whether you’re joining us on our journey to a decarbonised future on Earth Day or Christmas Day, we hope that we can align our visions and give the Earth back some of the love that it deserves.

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